The Board of Evolution Gaming Group AB has adopted a dividend policy stating the company is to distribute a minimum dividend of 50 percent of net profit annually. 


Holders of the Company’s shares will be entitled to receive future dividends, provided dividends are declared. The Board of Directors of the Company has adopted a dividend policy whereby 50 percent of the Company’s consolidated net profit shall be paid in dividends. The Board of Directors shall take into account a number of factors when recommending that the Company pay a dividend, including the Company’s future profits, investment needs, liquidity and development opportunities as well as general economic and business conditions.


The Company declares dividends in EUR. Payment of dividends will therefore be made in EUR, provided that EUR can be received on the shareholder’s account; if not, payment of dividends will be made in SEK, after currency exchange by Euroclear or the Company. Shareholders with nominee-registered shareholdings should contact their nominees with respect to the dividend payment currency.

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