Definitions & Glossary

Average number of full-time employees - The average number of full-time employees during the period. Full-time equivalents include part-time positions.

Average number of outstanding shares - The average number of shares outstanding during the period.

B2B - Business-to-business, i.e. business activities carried out between two or more companies without consumer contact.

EBITDA margin - Operating profit excluding depreciation and amortisation in relation to operating revenues.

Equity/assets ratio - Equity at the end of period as a percentage of total assets at the end of period.

H2GC - The independent market research firm H2 Gambling Capital

MCR - Mission Control Room, meaning the room controlling Evolution’s operations in live casino studios.

Operating margin - Operating profit in relation to operating revenues.

Return on shareholders’ equity - Period’s profit/loss in relation to average shareholder equity for last twelve months.

Streaming - The playing of audio and/or video files on a recipient’s unit when the files at the same time are being transferred over a network, e.g. internet.

Tier 1 - A customer of essential strategic and/or financial importance. Evolution communicates all new tier 1 customers via press release and/or interim reports.