Chain lightning bet spots with more and bigger multipliers

XXXtreme Lightning Roulette is the most extreme Roulette experience out there! XXXtreme Lightning Roulette shares many similarities to our award-winning Lightning Roulette; however, this version lays out even more opportunities to experience the Chain Lightning and Double Strike multipliers.


XXXtreme Lightning Roulette delivers even more action for a thrilling live casino adventure. The game offers increased chances to hit a lucky bet spot and get your bet multiplied.

Simply predict the number on which the ball will land by placing a bet. A Straight Up bet on Lightning or Chain Lightning Number is required to win a multiplied payout.

The beautiful and electrifying studio creates dramatic suspense and exciting gameplay.


Once betting time has closed, Lightning Numbers with random multipliers up to 500x are generated, followed by a dramatic Chain Lightning effect which brings up to nine additional lucky bet spots.

But that’s not all – Double Strikes can hit any of the already existing lucky bet spots to potentially increase multipliers to 2000x! Now that’s what we call XXXtreme!

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