Football Studio is a world-class, football-focused gaming experience that further extends our card game portfolio in our Top Card game category, in which players simply bet on which of the two cards dealt will be the higher card, or whether the deal will result in a Draw.

Set in a football-themed environment, our game hosts engage in match commentary, goal celebrations and football chat whilst they deal the game.  Football Studio is sure to appeal to your Sportsbook customers, as well as to a huge football fan base. 


Football Studio


Evolution Football Studio combines a super-fast, simple card game with live match commentary, chat and goal celebrations focused on actual top-class global live football fixtures.

Just two cards are dealt, face-up on an interactive light-up football pitch-style table in games linked to real live football fixtures. Players simply bet on a Home Win, Away Win or Draw. Winning hands trigger lighting effects in the studio. In addition, the backdrop builds player anticipation showing the winning streaks for either Home or Away.  

Football-savvy Game Presenters host the game in a sports commentator style. Whenever a live top-class football match is being played, the card game — and the Game Presenter commentary — is linked to the live match. With one eye on the live football action on their studio monitor, they keep card-game players up to date with live match action, react to the big moments in matches and prompt lively chat.



Dedicated Top Card Tables and Environments – exclusive to your brand and your operations. As well as being available as a generic table, Live Football Studio is available as a dedicated table offering exciting customisation options. This allows licensees to tailor everything — from game name and studio décor to the bet spots and UI — to their brand and their players.