Live Casino wagers doubled with Evolution’s new Multi-Game Play and Quattro Roulette offering

Published: 5/02/14

Multi-Game Play functionality, as featured at ICE 2014, has resulted in a doubling of wagers placed by players. 

Multi-Game Play, which is now available across all of Evolution live games, enables Live Casino players to enjoy up to four games simultaneously in a single, auto-configuring window. The player simply clicks a ‘+’ symbol to add a second, third or fourth live game and play or monitor each game simultaneously.

Evolution says that Multi-Game Play is hugely flexible and adaptable to different player groups, such as high rollers. The functionality can operate generally in the background for simple player convenience, or it can be promoted as highly visible and specific offerings such as ‘Quattro Roulette’, ‘Quattro Blackjack’ or ‘Quattro Baccarat’, for example. Either way, it allows players to wager on up to four games at once, with all games auto-configured and neatly contained in a single window.

What is most striking is the sharp rise in wagering figures that Evolution tables have experienced in the three months since Multi-Game Play was ‘soft launched’ ahead of ICE.

According to Fredrik Osterberg, Chief Commercial Officer at Evolution, “Players who have used Multi-Game Play (MGP) are wagering twice as much as they did before they used it. In particular, a very significant proportion of all wagering is taking place with two, three or four MGP windows open. Not only that, we have seen rapid adoption of MGP amongst our VIP players.”

Osterberg concluded: “We have known for a long time that Evolution is the Live Casino of choice for VIPs. That’s because our live tables are ‘as real as it gets’ and because we offer far and away the widest selection of live tables. MGP meets the needs of both high rollers and a new generation of players that are very comfortable with multi-tasking and multi-betting. At the same time its ease of use encourages all players to explore the licensee’s other live tables, and new games and betting opportunities.”

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