XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat is an engaging variant of our popular Lightning Baccarat. Players can experience more Lightning Cards per game round, bigger multipliers, and the biggest potential wins ever seen in a Baccarat game.


XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat combines our world-class Live Baccarat with a chance for players to win multiplied payouts on their winning hand, just like in Lightning Baccarat. The main difference is that players have the chance to receive more Lightning Cards and higher multipliers.

In each game round, four to eight random Lightning Cards are generated and assigned a Lightning Multiplier of up to 10x. A 50% fee is added to each player’s total bet, and this is displayed in the user interface.

The game is presented in an electrifying environment with an interactive user interface adding an entirely new dimension to the traditional Baccarat game.


The Lightning Round starts once the betting time is closed. In each Lightning Round, four to eight random Lightning Cards are generated from a virtual 52-card deck, along with random multipliers for each Lightning Card. The possible multipliers are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 8x and 10x.

After the Lightning Round, the Player and Banker are dealt two or three cards depending on the value of their hands according to standard Baccarat rules.

If a player wins on a hand that includes one or more matching Lightning Cards, the winnings are multiplied accordingly. With three matching Lightning Cards, the total winnings could be multiplied by up to 1000x. Even more exciting, a winning bet on a Tie with six matching Lightning Cards can result in a multiplier of 2,850,000x!


First Person XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat brings players into a high-quality 3D animated world, complete with stunning animations for a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. It closely mirrors the live dealer version of XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat. As with all our Lightning games, this First Person version includes exciting lightning strikes and Lightning Multipliers.

First Person XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat offers the same excitement and features as its live variant and gives players control over their gaming experience. For example, players can deal free hands to establish trends or reset the shoe to clear all previous history and statistics.

As with all our First Person games, First Person XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat includes a “GO LIVE” button. Clicking this transports the player through an in-game portal to the Live version of XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat.


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