A striking addition to our award-winning Lightning family of games

With Lightning Dragon Tiger, we’ve taken our fan-favourite Dragon Tiger to electrifying new heights by introducing Lightning Suit and multipliers up to an astounding 1280x. Players predict which side – Dragon or Tiger – will receive the highest value card. Each game round, a card suit is chosen to become the Lightning Suit, with random multipliers from 2x to 8x applied, transforming all matching suit cards into Lightning Cards. Presented in a setting that blends elegance with intense drama, Lightning Dragon Tiger is set to elevate your gaming experience to thrilling new levels of excitement and anticipation.


Place a bet on the side you think will receive the highest-value card — Dragon or Tiger. If you believe both cards will be the same value, choose a Tie or a Suited Tie.

A 20% Lightning Fee is added to your total bet for the opportunity of multiplied winnings.

Once the betting time closes, one card suit is randomly selected to be the Lightning Suit, and applied a multiplier ranging from 2x to 8x. This increases the likelihood of winning a multiplied payout.


After the Lightning Round ends, the dealer will deal two cards: one for Dragon, one for Tiger. The side with the highest value card dealt wins. If the winning side has a Lightning Card dealt to it, the payouts are multiplied accordingly. The highest possible win is 1280x if the Lightning Multiplier is 8x and the result is a Suited Tie.

Lightning Dragon Tiger is an excellent addition to our award-winning Lightning family and complements player favourites such as Lightning Roulette, Lightning Blackjack and Lightning Dice.

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