Imagine fiery Extra Chilli six-reel slot action and a live game show entertainment together in an ultimate blend of fun. That’s precisely what Extra Chilli Epic Spins™ offers!

Millions of Extra Chilli fans know the story. Join the action by heading to the Mexican market to discover the hottest chilli ever and enjoy some zesty fun.

Extra Chilli Epic Spins™ is real-time ‘slots with friends’ — a shared online live gaming experience built around intensely exciting slots action in the studio. All players play the same game round and have five spins per round, not just one.


Extra Chilli Epic Spins™ brings the renowned Megaways™ slot from Big Time Gaming with Free Spins to the live game show studio and combines it with entertaining features, such as Piñatas and Gamble Wheels, to increase anticipation and fun.

The Base Game and Free Spins phase features a slot machine consisting of six central vertical reels and a secondary, horizontal reel at the bottom, which may contain ‘WILD’ symbols that substitute any symbol, boosting your chances of making winning combinations.

During the game, you can accumulate multipliers and letters to form the word HOT. If you have won the HOT combination, you can receive up to 16 Free Spins.

You have won if you have gathered at least three matching symbols from left to right or at least two purple chillis, which are the superior symbol, on consecutive reels, regardless of their positions.


Gather the letters H, O and T to enter the 8 Free Spins phase. As in the Base Game, the Free Spins will potentially reveal additional multipliers or retrigger another 8 Free Spins. All the multipliers from the Base Game will be carried over to the Free Spins phase and will continue to add up to the payout.

After completing the Free Spins, the Gamble Wheels phase will commence.


The Gamble Wheels phase consists of two wheels, each displaying a different set of colours.
You must choose between the red or purple colours on the first Gamble Wheel. The game host will then spin the wheel. If the wheel stops on your chosen colour segment, you will participate in two additional Free Spins.

After this Free Spins round, there’s a second chance to win Free Spins on the second Gamble Wheel. Choose between four colours — red, purple, green or blue. You will receive two extra Free Spins if the wheel lands on the selected colour segment.
The multipliers from the Base Game and Free Spins are carried over to the Gamble Wheels Free Spins.


In the Base Game spins and subsequent Free Spins phase, a Piñata might be smashed in one of the crates.

The Piñata guarantees random multipliers up to 20x or the full word ‘HOT’, which triggers the Free Spins phase! This is where the game host comes in handy, as they will smash the Piñata to reveal which benefit you have been awarded.

Again, all multipliers from the Piñata will be accumulated and applied to the current spins and the following ones.

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