The only limit is your imagination

Our state-of-the-art Live Casino production studios offer amazing branding and marketing opportunities for our licensees. One or more tables or complete online Live Casino environments can be dedicated to your brand. 

Using the latest cost-effective technologies, virtually any look-and-feel is possible for your exclusive online Live Casino. And the customisation options go far beyond branding to include VIP hosts, VIP tables on demand, and integration with your CRM and loyalty systems for example. It’s the proven way to build maximum player loyalty to your brand and generate increased visits, increased interaction and playing times, and increased revenue and lifetime value.


As an Evolution licensee you can have dedicated table/s and environments branded to your precise specifications and localised for your markets. You can even create a complete multi-channel entertainment experience. Add one or more large screens behind the table, for example, and you can introduce promotions, live sports scores and updates, sports betting opportunities and more.

With latest technologies such as 3D graphics and blue screen technology to choose from, it can be highly cost effective for Evolution licensees to create branded environments online. Tables, staff attire and backdrops can all match your corporate ID. What’s more, native speaking dealers and hosts at each dedicated table can run live promotions and cross-sell your other games and attractions.

For land-based casinos, also, we can ‘blue screen’ the real casino entrance, the lobby, the casino floor and the tables, so that players feel completely at home in the online environment.

Key extra benefits over shared live casino tables


Right size, right opening hours

We can create a complete dedicated environment for you in our studios or just host one or more dedicated tables for you. The size of your bespoke Live Casino is entirely up to you. Similarly, you can choose your opening hours subject to your jurisdiction. Open 24/7 or during specific time periods to suit your players and markets. Operate general opening hours for some tables and special or extended times for other tables (such as VIP tables). You can even run invitation-only VIP sessions at specific times, or mix and match everything as you please.

Choose a physical background

Physical backgrounds for your dedicated Live Casino range from simple branded backdrops to complete built-and-decorated interiors.

For a simple backdrop you could choose to use your logo and other corporate branding elements to create a unique online setting. Physical design and décor lets you integrate branding elements into interior design and décor – such as wall panelling, wall coverings, carpeting, curtains etc for a more traditional look. Alternatively, in a compact studio floor area we can recreate a real land-based casino interior online, replicating key physical features, the main gaming floor and VIP rooms.

Choose 3D rendered graphical backgrounds

3D rendered graphical backgrounds for your dedicated Live Casino use super-realistic images on ultra high-resolution wallpaper in the room to create the illusion of three-dimensional space. This route offers amazing potential to create a high-quality online casino environment.

Choose blue screen backgrounds

Blue screen backgrounds for your dedicated Live Casino offer virtually endless creative freedom by harnessing the same technology used in movie and TV studios.

Any background image – still or video – can be superimposed onto a plain blue backdrop behind the table and dealer. Recreate a stunningly realistic casino room; or a city skyline or landmark as part of the backdrop; or even a complete multi-room casino with entrance lobby, VIP areas and the most convincingly ‘real’ architectural features, interior décor and impression of depth and space. Blue screen provides the ultimate in flexibility with the option to switch between different imagery in the broadcast production process and even use one table and dealer to present multiple Live Casinos with different branded backdrops.

Opt for a multi-camera studio set-up for Live Roulette or Live Baccarat

Immersive Lite is a way to bring our award-winning Immersive experience to players on your dedicated Live Roulette tables. Based on the Hollywood-style studio set-up used in Evolution’s Immersive Roulette game, Immersive Lite uses three or more HD cameras sited around the wheel. This adds visual dynamism and brings players closer to the action so that they can follow every movement of the ball. The number of cameras, shot angles and cutting sequences are fully customisable to meet the needs of your brand.

Similarly, our Multi-Camera Live Baccarat brings added dynamism and a cinematic quality to the player experience on your dedicated Live Baccarat tables.

When you choose a multi-camera option for either your dedicated Live Roulette or Live Baccarat tables, the number of cameras, shot angles and cutting sequences are fully customisable to meet the needs of your brand.

Opt for native speaking dealers

Native speaking Live Casino dealers, hosts and chat moderators can speak your players’ language in every sense and maximise the potential for online interaction, entertainment, live promotions and cross-selling. These native speaking casino professionals understand the finer details of a country or region’s culture and casino etiquette and, as a result, they can deliver an exceptional localised service and strike up great rapport with players. This typically results in longer playing sessions, more repeat visits and increased player loyalty and lifetime value.

We can source native speaking dealers and other staff for any language.

Opt for dedicated teams

With a dedicated team you’ll have staff dedicated to your Live Casino and your brand. This opens up further opportunities to get closer to your players and drive loyalty and revenue. It also means your Live Casino staff can wear corporate attire to strengthen and differentiate your online brand still further. Staff attire can be a complete corporate uniform or individual clothing items such as a branded scarf, sash, tie or waistcoat.

Brand all the elements

You can brand the physical table and add your own branded ‘lucky cards’ to the decks and brand promotional props such as prize draw tickets and ‘lucky dip’ pots. And, as mentioned earlier, you can feature prizes, attractions and other promotional messages on large plasma screens built into our Live Casino’s backdrop.

Introduce live promotions and cross-selling

Dedicated tables and environments allow you to use your Live Casino as a real-time, interactive marketing and promotions channel to drive further incremental revenue and maximise loyalty to your brand.

Examples of live promotions: run prize draws for players at the table, offering account credits or other prizes; announce prize-winners live at the end of a dealer session or at off-peak times to encourage player loyalty and return visits; introduce lucky cards to the decks during specific sessions and award instant prizes.

Examples of cross-selling and upselling: cross-sell your other live tables; upsell high-wagering players to your VIP tables; cross-sell your other services such as sportsbetting; cross-sell attractions, events and special offers at land-based venues.

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