Effective date: 22/03/2023


In order to ensure the security of Evolution Group buildings, employees and customers, we have placed CCTV (close circuit television cameras) on Evolution operating premises and areas.

This privacy policy (hereinafter “Policy”) provides you information regarding how we are processing personal data regarding CCTV.

In case you have additional questions, please contact our Data Protection Team at dataprivacy@evolution.com

What personal data do we collect, for what purpose and for how long period do we store the data?

The CCTV cameras capture your image, movements, and activities while you are visiting our locations.

Please note that you are informed about CCTV cameras placement with corresponding CCTV warning signs before entering the monitored area.

Evolution complies with legal obligations and regulations towards CCTV placement; therefore, CCTV cameras are not placed in areas where you expect the total privacy (e.g., restrooms, WC, changing rooms etc.) and CCTV cameras do not record audio. 

Evolution has placed CCTV cameras at all Evolution Group operating sites for several business purposes such as:

This list is not exhaustive and other purposes may be or become relevant.

Where may we disclose and transfer your personal data?

Since Evolution operates worldwide the CCTV recordings might be shared between Evolution Group entities. The recordings are shared only if an adequate security level is ensured, and all legal requirements are met. 

Evolution will not disclose this data to any third parties without legal grounds. We might share the recordings with the police or other public institutions, if necessary. In case of legal claims or disputes, we may share the recordings with third parties (e.g., lawyers, insurance companies).

What are the security measures implemented?

Evolution ensures that all necessary, appropriate security measures are in place to keep and process your personal data securely. The physical, technological infrastructure and recordings are stored and backed-up internally.  We have implemented appropriate technical, physical and organizational measures to protect CCTV recordings from unauthorized or accidental destruction, alteration or disclosure, misuse, damage, theft or accidental loss, or unauthorized access.

How long do we store your personal data?

Generally, the CCTV footage is kept for a period of up to 30 days from the time of recording unless otherwise required by local legislation or legal requirements. Certain areas, namely our game floors and back-office operations, may have a longer general storage period of 90 days, namely due to the higher sensitivity and vulnerability of those areas.

In the event of an incident, potential or ongoing investigation or claim, the CCTV recording may be retained for a period until the incident, or the claim is finalised or if it is required to be stored by legal obligations.

What rights do you have?

Due to legal requirements, you have several rights towards your personal data. You have right to request access, correct, erase, transfer your personal data and restrict personal data processing. In addition, you also have right to contact Data Protection Supervisory Authority in the country you are located. 

Please note that due to CCTV processing specifics, certain rights such as right to rectify, and right to erase your personal data are limited.

If you would like to exercise your rights, please contact Data Protection Team at dataprivacy@evolution.com .

What is the Controller and what is our contact information?

Each Evolution company acts as a Data Controller regarding CCTV personal data processing depending on which location you are visiting. In addition, the information about the Data Controller in question is stated within CCTV warning signs.

In case you would like to receive additional information regarding CCTV personal data processing, please contact the Data Protection Team at dataprivacy@evolution.com .

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