Stock Market offers exciting, fast-paced engagement as you aim to predict the stock value movement in the game’s virtual financial markets. Play the markets, profiting from the Ups and Downs if you predict correctly.


Playing the role of a stock market trader, try to predict whether a Trading Session will end above or below the starting stock value. You aim to increase your Portfolio value through a streak of successful predictions.

Place your bet on either ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ based on whether you think the stock value will rise or fall.

As the Trading Session commences, the stock value chart starts to generate. The chart will go through several interim values before reaching the endpoint and revealing the final result of the round.

Your end profit or loss is calculated by the percentage of the stock value movement. For example, if you placed a bet on ‘Up’ and the stock value went up by 50%, your win is 50% of your Portfolio. However, if the stock value went 50% against your prediction, your loss is 50% of your Portfolio.


Stock Market is tailored to meet diverse preferences and regulatory requirements, offering four distinct variants for players. Each variant modifies the gaming experience by adjusting features such as the presence of a live video stream with a game host, the option for automatic re-wagering of bets, and the method by which Portfolios are cashed out—either automatically after each game round or manually by the player.

All Cash Outs are subject to 1% Commission fee.

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