The Unique High-flying Live Game Show

All aboard the blimp! Cash or Crash is a unique live game show which will take you to the Sky! Entertaining, tactical and easy to play, Cash or Crash takes players on a unique, immersive journey that’s made all the more thrilling thanks to advanced augmented reality.

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Set on board a blimp that cruises over a bustling metropolis, Cash or Crash features just one bet and the chance to keep moving up a 20-step ladder-style paytable. The higher you climb, the greater the potential payouts! Propelling you skywards is a ball-drawing machine that selects coloured balls at random.

Each green ball drawn sends you higher, while a red ball sends you crashing earthwards. However, a gold ball provides a shield that protects you from the next red ball drawn and can also increase the payouts on the paytable – potentially up to 50,000x your bet if you manage to climb all the way to the top.

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Every time a green ball is drawn, you have three choices: Click TAKE ALL to end your betting round and secure your winnings. Click TAKE HALF to split your current winnings and stay in the game with half your current amount. Or, click CONTINUE to keep playing.

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A  gold ball triggers a Bonus Round, where decisions are skipped as you’re shielded from crashing. Just sit back and watch as hopefully more green balls are drawn to take you higher on your journey and up the payable.


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