Instant Super Sic Bo offers a fresh approach to the classic three-dice game, focusing on player readiness. As soon as players decide to join the game round, they can do so by clicking the ‘ROLL NOW’ button, which provides almost instantaneous results and the prospect of significantly multiplied winnings. The game offers extensive bet types and an unlimited betting time to plan the perfect strategy for predicting the result of the three dice shake.


Instant Super Sic Bo brings a unique feature to the table – the ‘ROLL NOW’ button. This allows players to enter the game round when they are ready, providing a personalised gaming experience. A diverse selection of bets with varying payouts is available, and players can wager on multiple outcomes of the dice shake, such as Small/Big, Odd/Even, Total, the numerical value of one or more dice, and many other potential dice combinations.

With each shake of the dice, some bet spots (from zero to several) may have random multipliers of up to 1000x applied to them. If the player has placed a bet on the winning bet spot with a multiplier, the payout is multiplied accordingly if the bet wins.

Players who wish to get almost instant results from each shake of the dice can do so with Autoplay. Play several fast-paced game rounds of Instant Super Sic Bo one after another by choosing the number of game rounds they wish to participate in.

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